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Claire Diterzi - L'odalisque
ono_tachibana wrote in whatlefuck

Tes pieds mon amour
Your feet, my love

A tout jamais je baiserai
for ever I will kiss

Ta voix de velours
Your velvet voice

Je m'incline et j'y obéirai
To which I bow and I will obey

Telle une Pompadour*
Like a Pompadour

Enfarinée* rococo parée
Covered with white powder, rococo, adorned

Des plus beaux atours
With its most beautiful attire

A tes pieds je me jetterai
At your feet I will throw myself

Vois comme je me couche
See, how I lie down

Au sein de tes draps, alanguie
Within your sheets, languid

Rien ne m'effarouche
Nothing can make me shy

Je suis ta diva ton odalisque
I'm your diva, your odalisque

A tes forteresses
To your fortresses

Enamourée je m'abandonne
Infatuated I lose myself

Pour l'éternité
For ever and ever

Je suis ta nana et ta Madone
I am your wench(?) and your Madonna


I certainly made a lot of grammar mistakes and maybe picked the wrong translation, so please, tell me so I can give the most correct translation.
Also, tell me if you like it better if I put French and English totally apart or like above is fine, I'm not sure myself...

@cartolcino There are some little things to explain through this song (nana, enfarinée etc), I'll do it later, if you don't mind (posting this before leaving haha)


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